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  • RCGroups.com – All RC discussions. Scroll to: Aircraft – Sailplanes



  • Aerospace Composite Products – Composites, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar & reg, Vacuum Bagging Equipment
  • Airtronics
  • Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. Pilot Supplies, Avionics, and Homebuilt Aircraft Parts
  • Aloft Hobbies offers an excellent line of products including remote controlled slope and thermal gliders, Frsky radio gear, KST servos and a growing listing of building supplies.
  • Balsa USA nice selection of wood kits. I like the scale biplanes.
  • Batteries America
  • CompuFoil – Airfoil Template and modification software
  • CST The Composit Store – Stocking a full inventory of light weight composite materials available in small quantities for model builders.
  • DJ Aerotech – Indoor and park flyer electrics
  • Dynaflite Bird of Time kits and Arfs
  • Eagle Tree Systems – Seagull wireless telemetry
  • Esprit model – Is an importer and distributor of high-quality and precision crafted, flying models.
  • f3x.com – full line dealer for ; Airtronics, Horizon, JR, Hitec, Breta Models, Acacia Models, Expert Electronics, Hangar 9, Saito, E-Flite & many others.
  • Fatlion good info on RC Soaring resources
  • GlideTEK – Products for RC soaring, Discus Launch Gliders, and electrics
  • Hi-Tech Official site – radio’s, servos,
  • Horizon Hobby – everything you need or want. Importer of JR Radios
  • ICARE – RC glider and electrics (Artemis and more)
  • Isthmus Models – Manufacturers and importers of sailplanes and electric powered aircraft
  • Kennedy Composites AVA and more
  • Micro Fasteners locknuts, washers, machine screws, fasteners, rivets, and wood screws.
  • RC Dymond Electrics chargers and supplies
  • Reese Productions – RC Soaring videos
  • RTL Fasteners – provide top quality small fasteners at fair prices and logical quantities.
  • ServoCity
  • Servo Frames – designed for mounting servos in hollow molded wings
  • Sig Online
  • Skip Miller Models – Pikes, Fazers,Escapes,Espadas, Topaz, TopazL, and occasional Sharons, Nimbus 4, ASW27,and CROSSFIRE (almost)and full Airtronics
  • Skybench – Huge selection of quality laser cut sailplane and electric kits. Ray Hayes is a great friend to the soaring community too.
  • Soaring USA – High Performance Sailplanes and Electrics
  • SR Batteries.com produces nickel cadmium battery packs, electric R/C flight supplies and kits, and SR Techniques publications for military, aerospace, general aviation, and model airplane applications.
  • https://www.amainhobbies.com/electric-rc-airplanes


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